The wonderful thing about writing is that there is always a blank page waiting. The terrifying thing about writing is that there is always a blank page waiting. – J.K. Rowling
The writing I tend to think of as ‘good’ is good because it’s mysterious. – Aimee Bender

How to use KindleDP's Book Preview section

Once the formatted How to use KindleDP's Book Preview section manuscript and book cover are uploaded at Kindle Direct Publishing, you’ll need to preview them. To do so, on the Paperback Content screen, simply click the yellow oval that says “Launch Previewer.”

A new screen will come up that shows the front and back cover of your book. You can click an arrow on the side of the cover to advance to your title page and each subsequent pair of pages in the book.

Go through the entire book on the previewer. This is your opportunity to see how it will look when printed and to notice some formatting errors, like a paragraph split in half or a missing indent at the beginning of a line or a chapter title in the wrong font size.

In addition, KindleDP’s bots will give you an early heads up if there are problems, especially with the cover. If you receive such a message for the cover, fix it and reupload. KindleDP will reject it otherwise, and you’ll just be wasting time.

Ditto on the manuscript you uploaded. Margin errors found here mean a rejected manuscript later. One issue, though, that you do not need to worry about is embedded fonts. KindleDP will embed them for you.

If the cover and manuscript look good to go, click “Approve.” You’ll then return to the Paperback Content screen.

With that, you’ve completed all of the tasks on the Paperback Content screen. One last section given is the Summary. This lists some of the specs of your book and gives an estimated cost of printing the book. There’s nothing to fill out here, however, so click the yellow oval that says “Save and Continue.” This brings you to the Paperback Rights & Pricing screen and the next section of this book.

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