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Before buying Amazon ads, build book series

You’ll benefit Bookstackthe most from Amazon ads if you have multiple books to sell. There are several reasons for this.

First, someone who has several books on Amazon looks like a serious author who others read, increasing your standing in readers’ eyes. After all, you wouldn’t keep writing books if people weren’t buying them. If you’ve just got one book out, however, that must mean you’re a new author, and who knows how good you are then? In fact, you may be advertising your book because it isn’t selling, as it isn’t any good. While none of this may be true about you or your book(s), it is the psychology of a good number of readers.

Secondly – and especially if you’re selling nonfiction – the book you’re advertising may not quite be the one the reader wants. A reader may take a look at it just to make sure. Perhaps one of your other books, which shows up on the Amazon.com page for the one the reader has looked up, is the right book, however. Your ad led to a sale, albeit not of the book that was advertised. But a sale is a sale is a sale.

Third – and especially if you’re selling fiction in a series – if readers buy the book you advertised and really like it, many of them come back to Amazon and buy the next book in your series. If you don’t have a second book, however, then you’ve just “lost” a sale. The reader will move onto another author.

So, before you consider using Amazon ads, build your list of published works. If you’ve written one book in a series, write a second one then advertise. If you already have a series, consider making one permafree (meaning you give away the first book in the series) and advertising the entire series or combining it into a boxed set and putting up an ad for that. Go over your manuscripts and see if you can publish some of them as short stories/novellas or if nonfiction as a short read; this will be very useful if those stories are in the same genre or if the nonfiction book is on the same general topic.

You still can publish just one book and advertise it with success. The book, however, usually will do less well than if you advertised one in a series. In addition, you lose out on the additional sales that naturally occur when readers buy a book in a series.

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