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Five Great Quotations about the Pleasure of Writing

So long as I write, I’ll never truly be gone

What people 0008556162P-5616x3744from history can you name? Shakespeare? Julius Caesar? George Washington? Jesus? Galileo?

The names likely fall into one of four categories – famous generals/political leaders (in most societies, the same thing), famous religious figures, famous scientists/inventors, and famous writers.

And in many cases, those famous people who we don’t think of as novelists, playwrights or poets in their time either wrote a book themselves or were the subject of a manuscript. From the list above, Caesar and Galileo both penned their own books(s) while Jesus is the subject of one. Washington, meanwhile, was a key figure in the process of penning two major political works (the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution).

Writing, it would seem, equals immortality.

Part of the human condition is a fervent need to answer profound questions about our universe and existence. As a writer, you can examine these deep issues of love, war, peace, hate, mourning, meaning, purpose, and so much more. Your thoughts, unlike your life, can last through the generations and centuries.

Our mortal coils are not so fortunate, even as modern sanitation and medicine extends our lives.

But along with our thoughts and feelings, expressed through our writing, our names – and if we are fortunate enough, our biographies – also will survive.

Today, will you seek immortality through your pen?

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