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Have readers ask for your title in a bookstore

Products/services you can build around your book

If looking Laptop-425826_1920 to increase your income, writing a book that leads people to purchasing your services or products is a great idea.

Suppose that you are a financial adviser. Why not pen a book about how to invest your money? Are you a dentist? How about a book on how parents can best keep their children’s teeth and gums healthy? Do you sell collectible goods on eBay? What of a book about items you deal in, such as how to make a fortune collecting and selling long-playing records or baseball cards?

Or perhaps you’re a writer looking to boost your income. If you write romance novels, why not a how-to book about penning one in just 30 days and then appearing at writing conferences giving workshops centering on that topic?

In each of these examples, the product or service actually can be more lucrative than your book sales. The book really is just a vehicle for advertising your business by providing information so people recognize you’re an expert.

Now here’s what’s really sweet: Delivering these services or products actually drives more book sales. Those pleased with your work will tell others about it and note what they read in the book you wrote. This is turn can lead to more purchases of your services or products, which further drives book sales. And so the cycle continues.

Whether you are a businessperson looking to pen a book or a writer hoping to branch out, there are a number of products and paid services you could offer:
• Courses – These can range from how-to classes to sessions aimed at inspiring others. Usually a course touches on the major topics of a book, which then goes in-depth, hence making what you’ve written a must-have to your students or audience members.
• Webinars – A webinar is a live presentation (usually educational, informative or instructional) that is available online as a video or slide show with audio. Audience members can interact with the presenter during the webinar.
• Teleseminars – This is when a course or lecture is offered over the telephone by conference call. These work well in situations where you don’t need to provide one-on-one training and without visuals.
• Membership sites – While part of your website is free, you also can gate off information and special products that only subscribers can access. The subscription can be purchased or garnered by trading valuable information such as an email address (which you then add to your email list to promote books, products or services).
• Merchandise – At the back of every book, at every public appearance you make, on your website, in your emails or newsletters, you can include a small section that sells clothing, coffee mugs, and more related to your products and services. These objects shouldn’t be about your business but about something related to it. For example, if a financial adviser, why not offer coffee mugs that say “Keep Calm and Save On”?
• Coaching/consulting services – You could provide mentoring to individuals, small groups, businesses or other organizations to help them improve their skills. Be aware that in some states, you may need a license to offer advice in various professional areas.

Each of these products and services can be advertised in your books with links to the Amazon landing pages for them in your eBooks. And of course, any time you offer these services or sell these products, an opportunity exists to plug your book as well.

Professional Book Editor: Having your novel, short story or nonfiction manuscript proofread or edited before submitting it can prove invaluable. In an economic climate where you face heavy competition, your writing needs a second eye to give you the edge. I can provide that second eye.


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