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Utilize parallel structure for crisper writing

To make Grammar your writing smoother when listing items, consider using parallel structure. This occurs when you follow the same grammatical pattern as providing a list of equal items or ideas within a sentence. For example, the following sentence uses parallel structure:

Los Angeles is my favorite city because of the weather, festivals, and beaches.

Weather, festivals and beaches are equal items, so they are presented as single words each separated by a comma.

The following sentence, however, lacks a parallel structure and so reads awkwardly:

Los Angeles is my favorite city because it is warm, multicultural, and the beaches and festivals are fun.

Though the warm, multicultural and fun beaches/festivals are equal items in a list, they are not presented as such. Notice that warm and multicultural are adjectives while fun beaches/festivals are nouns with an adjective (fun) describing them. The sentence might be rewritten as:

Los Angeles is my favorite city because it is warm, multicultural, and fun.

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