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Five Great Quotations about Fantasy Fiction

Affirmation: I can write anything I set my mind to

There are Affirmation I can write anything I set my mind tomany reasons your writing might fall flat – it’s written in passive voice, you tell rather than show, the point of view shifts constantly – but the biggest one is because you don’t believe you’re capable of penning the short story or book in the first place.

In fact, your mind can sabotage you even before your finger hits the first letter on the keypad or your pen leaves its first drop of ink on the paper.

Writers who believe their skills are set – that their abilities, intelligence and skills are fixed – usually talk themselves out of writing in the first place. Or if they do write a passage, they don’t bother to revise it or to complete the work that it is part of. They often view their writing as a failure.

In contrast, writers who believe their skills grow – especially the more they practice, read about, and persist with their craft – typically not only write the passage but revise it several times and then continue with the next passage to complete their book. They accept that their writing is imperfect but know it can be honed into something powerful.

You won’t be able to publish a short story or book unless you work at it. And if you first believe you can do it, you’re more likely to work hard to achieve your goal. Rather than tell yourself that your writing can’t get any better, change your mindset. Tell yourself, “I can write anything I set my mind to.”

Now go write that book you’ve always dreamed of!

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