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Don't miss this tip: Sound bite vs. sound byte

Do you 0001z remember a day before computers were everywhere? Then you probably know which of the following two spellings – sound bite or sound byte – is correct.

Sound bite is right. The term was first used in 1980 to describe quick, clever statements, often made by politicians, that could be played in a few seconds on the evening news. In those days when computers weren’t commonplace, the term played off the notion that viewers’ preference for such news was like taking a bite of a meal rather than fully consuming it.

Sound byte does make sense in that a byte is a small unit of information in computing. Perhaps one day this spelling will overshadow the original and become commonplace.

For the time being, though, when writing just remember this snippet: Use i not y.

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As one who worked in the computer field in 1980 (IBM), there were MILLIONS of people who knew the terms "bits and bytes". So the term was certainly around! On the other hand, if you were in computers, and you wanted to denote a tiny amount of something, you'd say a "bit." So I may have to agree with your conclusion, but not your logic!

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